CYTATION 3 - BMYscreen
BMYscreen develops systems to explore stress pathways in live cells. This approaches allowed us to propose services meant to analyze the mechanisms by which natural molecules, drugs or specific proteins can impact on human or animal health. For this purpose, our technological platform is equipped with a Cytation 3 (BioTek) instrument
The Cytation 3 is a fully automated digital inverted microscope. Imaging modes include fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast for a broad range of applications including live cell imaging, phenotypic assays, and 3D spheroids. In addition, the Cytation 3 integrates the setup required for live cell imaging assays: automated stage, autofocus, temperature control, gas control, time-lapse imaging, Z-stacking, stitching and more. The Cytation 3 ability to perform both conventional quantitative fluorescence measurements and cell imaging represents a powerful tool for visualizing cellular responses to understand cell proliferation, protein expression, cytotoxicity and other applications.
To learn more about Cytation 3’s available multi-mode microplate detection capability, click here.
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