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Identify BIOACTIVE compounds
Searching for molecules with potential health benefits?
Identification of bioactive compounds and determination of their mechanisms of action and effects on health represent an area of research that is still in its infancy and speeding the arrival of active ingredients with health benefits requires innovative approaches. BMYSCREEN proposes to offer its scientific and technical expertise in molecular processes of cell adaptation and disease development to identify health effects of innovative compounds.
Health properties application note
Targeting MOLECULAR interactionS
Searching for drugs targeting a specific molecular interaction?
During the last years, BMYscreen developed a strong expertise in the field of biomolecular interaction. Our technologies allowed the characterization of a wide range of molecule interactions, among which proteins, nucleic acids or lipids. This allows us to propose a large panel of assay development tests, including characterization of affinity binders, characterisation of antibody/antigen or receptor/ligand interactions.
Biomolecular interaction application Note
characterize bioactive compound MODE OF ACTION
Want to know the molecular explanation of the health benefit associated with a molecule?
The use of bioactive compounds from natural sources to an improved quality of life or for their known medical benefits has become increasingly common in Europe. However, scientific rationale and molecular understandings are sometimes necessary to provide a credible body of scientific data supporting these associated effects. BMYSCREEN offers its scientific support in project aiming at discovering mechanism of action of bioactive compounds.
Molecular explanation application Note
Assessment of Cell Cytotoxicity
Want to differentiate effects on cell death and cell growth?
Counting of live and dead cells by microscopy represents one of the most confident assay to discriminate between cytotoxic or antiproliferative effect. The Cell Cytotoxicity assay consists of the measure of two reliable end-points: disruption of the cytoplasmic membrane and cell number. This method is recommended for high content screening assay which aims at identifying drugs that affect cell proliferation or induce cell death.
Cell cytotoxicity application note
Measure a DRUG Combination Index on Cell Death & Cell Growth
Want to measure the effect of the combination of two drugs on cell cytotoxicity?
Combination therapy represents an appealing approach to reduce the dose of drug treatment or to prevent the development of drug resistance. However, to determine the perfect combination strategy it is important to better characterize the mode of action of the drugs. We have developed a simple two-step assay that first, discriminates between a cytotoxic or an anti-proliferative effect for the drugs of interest and second, identifies the combination index of these drugs to yield the desired outcome.
Combination application note
measure circulating biomarkers in blood
Want to quantify biomarkers in biological samples?
Quantify biomarkers (phosphoproteins, metabolites, circulating DNA) evolves to use the least of biological samples and yet obtains the most of pertinent informations. By using the flexible and sensitive technology AlphaScreen®, BMYscreen proposes to measure rare to abundant biomarkers, using few biological material, and to automate it.
Biomarkers application note
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