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“Agir Cancer Gironde” supports cancer research
January 13, 2017 by BMYscreen

BMYSCREEN was pleased to be at the check presentation ceremony of “Agir Cancer Gironde”. “Agir Cancer Gironde” is an association that collects corks from the wine industry for recycling and collecting funds for cancer research. They managed to collect 20 000 euros for the cancer research unit at the Bergonié Institute. Thank you for this Action!

For more information see here.

BMYSCREEN will participate in the 21st BIOMEETING
February 09, 2016 by BMYscreeen

BMYSCREEN will participate in the 21st BIOMEETING organized by Bordeaux UNITEC, GIPSO and the Bordeaux Montesquieu Technopole. Organized by Bordeaux UNITEC, GIPSO and the Bordeaux Montesquieu Technopole, the 21st BIOMEETING will bring together Aquitaine players from the Nutrition-Santé sector. The BIOMEETINGs are quarterly events bringing together entrepreneurs, scientific experts, institutional partners or other partners of the health and wellness field in the Aquitaine region.


- Market and Innovation in Food Supplements, David Gaudout, Director of Research and Innovation Activ'Inside •

- ACTIV'INSIDE, David Gaudout, Director, Research and Innovation

- NUTRINEURO, research laboratory INRA and NUTRIBRAIN, “cellule de transfert”, Anne-Laure Dinel, manager, PhD researcher-engineer in Nutrition

- BMYSCREEN, “cellule de transfert”, Stéphanie Lhomond, Manager, PhD Cell Biology 

- AEXIQUAL, Jean-François Biron, Director

For more information see here.

New publication on protein interaction!
December 14, 2016 by BMYscreeen

New publication in Proteomics. 2016 Dec 13. : Systematic functional analysis of the Ras GTPase family unveils a conserved network required for anterograde protein trafficking.

To know more about this publication, see here.

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