Our Structure - BMYscreen
BMYscreen double structure : INSERM biotechnology platform and “Cellule de Transfert”, offers the possibility to adapt assays developed within the context of academic research to a robotic platform capable of supporting industry standards for the provision of services.
BMYscreen facilities
BMYscreen includes an academic platform supported by the french institute of health and medical research (INSERM). This platform is equipped with a robotic platform involved in R&D collaborations and capable of supporting industry standards for the provision of services.
An academic and industrial project
BMYscreen is a spin-off of the University of Bordeaux benefiting from the special status of “Cellule de Transfert” supported by ADERA. This status confers to BMYscreen the support of expertise of the originating academic group specialized in Stress Pathways and in Cancer, as well as an industrial advantage by ensuring "credit impot recherche" and privileged access to the BMYscreen robotic platform.
BMYscreen is willing to develop joint activities with industry and academic institutions, in order to build collaborative partnerships for regional, national and european consortia. As originating from an academic laboratory, BMYscreen members are particularly interested in being involved in collaborative, translational and pluridisciplinary research projects in the field of human and animal health.
Service pipeline
BMYscreen scientists examine your project to determine your goals and to define the best parameters for a successful project. A close interaction between the project owner and BMYscreen staff allows us to develop a customized strategy, depending on resources available. The final project design proposed includes timelines, milestones, critical decision points and costs estimation.
Chemical biology
BMYscreen is also part of the ChemBioScreen network. This network comprises 30 research teams involved in the field of chemical biology as well as 20 academic screening platforms that have joined together to provide a new framework for the rising of chemical biology as a field per se in France. This led to the creation of the GDR "ChemBioScreen", a CNRS initiative.
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