Overview - BMYscreen
“ Your partner for biological assay development, miniaturization and screening ”
BMYscreen offers state-of-the-art services, to identify key molecules, bioactive compounds or protein, in cells and tissues, that can be targeted or used to improve well-being or health.
Based on the technologies (Alphascreen®, Cytation3) implemented at BMYscreen, we offer our clients the possibility to develop miniaturized and high-throughput compatible assays reporting for biomolecular interactions or enzymatic activities or for the detection and quantification of select analytes and stress pathways. This assay development capability can rely on client’s own molecular tools or can also include a molecular tool selection approach (home-made or commercially available).
We are passionate scientists aiming at understanding cellular physiology and the underlying molecular mechanisms. We are animated by a common will to share our knowledge to contribute to healthcare and well-being. For this purpose, we have implemented a technical platform which supports the automatization of miniaturized assays. Using this structure and our long-lasting experience in the field of human health, we have developed a set of services that focused mainly in studying cellular stress pathways activation, measure biomolecular interactions and assess cytotoxicity. For more details and examples of our services, see our Catalog page.
By choosing BMYscreen services, you can opt for technical advantages:
- Miniaturized assays: save time and money and minimize biological or chemical products use.
- Automatized assays: increase rapidity and precision.
- Live-cells tests: add a pertinent dimension to your results by integrated effects in kinetics assays.
- Screenings: one assay, 10 to 1000 results and possibility of kinetics.
BMYscreen services are designed to support R&D programs in nutrition, cosmetology and pharmacology and provide technical solutions to:
- Identify health effects of bioactive compounds or extracts.
- Discover mechanism of action of bioactive compounds.
- Find novel anticancer drugs.
- Assess toxicity of (a) given compound(s).
- Identify molecules targeting disease-specific molecular pathway.
- Quantify biomarkers in biological samples analysis.
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